Assessing the true identity of a work of art is often a challenging process.

Dealing with forged or stolen art can lead to heavy losses.

A stolen work of art may be lost forever if it cannot be certainly identified.

But what if every work of art had its own genetic code?

Aries provides every work of art with a unique and personal genetic code, a real DNA enabling fast and secure identification

Aries provides the most secure solution for identification of works of art. A DNA security marker based on a mixture of synthetic oligonucleotides is applied directly on the work of art through techniques compatible with the techniques of conservation of cultural heritage, enabling unique identification with an extremely high level of security.

The marker is completely invisible, uncopyable, compatible with cultural heritage materials, and provides legal proof of authenticity.

The product can be applied on different types of materials such as: paper, paintings, metal, glass, stone. It is also highly customizable, making it suitable for a wide range of works of art, from book collections to contemporary paintings.

We offer a complete service to the customer: design of DNA sequences, application of the marker on the work of art, secure marker recovery and laboratory DNA analysis to verify unique identification. We work in keeping with the standards of practice in art conservation.

Unique features of the DNA code, such as invisibility, non-copiability and forensic proof, add value to the work of art

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