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From proof-of-concept research to product development, from technology scouting to materials characterization: Aries provides custom research services for innovation

Aries provides research services in the fields of molecular biology applied to materials and microbiology. Because our approach is based on problem solving and customer-based decision making, our research services span a range of activities, e.g. proof-of-concept research, product development, technology scouting, and materials characterization. Our technology transfer professionals with strong background on applied research and project management skills developed in several b2b collaborations guarantees efficient transfer of know-how and technology.
In a highly customizable scheme which always includes the close cooperation with the customer, working under non-disclosure agreement, Aries defines a detailed project plan based on a set or subset of the following steps:

  • definition of technical specifications and goals
  • definition of milestones and deliverables
  • search for funding opportunities
  • literature and patent review
  • technology scouting
  • lab research
  • development of prototypes
  • validation by the customer
  • follow-up in product/process industrialization.

To help our customers get even more value out of their investments in research and innovation, Aries constantly monitors financial opportunities from many sources, e.g. Horizon 2020 research and innovation grants, national and regional strategic R&D funding, incentives and tax credit.

Aries leverages the knowledge available outside your company through the set-up of a collaborative process towards innovation

In a world of widely distributed knowledge, companies more and more frequently choose to either buy or license processes or patents from other companies and knowledge suppliers, instead of relying entirely on their own research. In addition, internal research activities not directly related to the firm’s core business are taken outside the company, e.g. through licensing, joint ventures or spin-offs. New ideas and technologies often originate from smaller companies and start-ups, but also from other companies and research centers.

The process of Open Innovation leverages the knowledge available outside the company through the set-up of a competitive supply chain or a network of innovative SMEs and knowledge suppliers, around which a collaborative community is built. If successful, proof-of-concept projects are transferred to those companies which are the most financially and technically capable organizations to bring the innovative products onto the global market. This can be done through a variety of collaborative business models e.g. license deals, joint ventures or acquisitions.
Aries, thanks to its team’s strong background in scientific research and technology transfer, is a significant knowledge supplier in the fields of biotechnology and surface science. Furthermore, the strong and consolidated relationships with universities and companies make it possible to involve rapidly other industrial and academic players in case of insufficient internal resources or competences, as well as to take part in the process of seeking funding opportunities and building new academic and industrial partnerships.

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